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Fundraiser in Grenada

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The fundraiser organized by the Grenadinas, most notably Ann Hopkin and Claudia Simon, began at approximately 7:00pm Sunday evening.  This concert consisted of local persons who sang and played a mixture of Gospel and classic pop music.  The event was held at the Annex of the International Trade Center in St. George’s.  The MC was also entertaining and kept the evening moving right along.


The entertainment was wonderful.  Additionally, Miss Simon was given an award for her invaluable support of The St. Mark Community Health Project.  A local caterer provided the food for the buffet.  Everyone seemed to think that this event was a complete success, including the Minister of a Health, who was also in attendance.  Like always, she gave a very supportive talk.  Although an official count is not available at this moment, a lot of persons were present.

IMG_8907 IMG_8888

This event was truly a community-based affair.  Local persons came together to support a community project.  Everyone volunteered their time and talents, and the result was a triumph of the spirit and, hopefully, the improvement of health care.


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