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First Day of Training

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Up to this point, we have been using repeatedly the term success.  But the initial day of training can only be called successful.  Because of a slight schedule change, the first session began at 2:00pm and ended at 6:00pm.  The community health workers were energetic, attentive, and asked a lot of questions.  Ten (10) workers were present.  Karen Callaghan and John Murphy took the lead of this session.


Yesterday’s session consisted of an overview of the entire training, the role, history, and tasks of lay community health workers, and the ethics of community work.  A lot of time was spent on the importance of building a positive reputation in the community.  So, confidentiality was a very significant topic.  After all, these workers must be trusted and establish a strong relationship with the community in general and the specific families on their respective caseloads.  Caseload was a prominent idea this day.



While this training was going on, several others of our team began mapping the community.  In other words, they began to identify the number and location of the households.  This mapping is crucial in order to assign households to the worker’s caseloads.  Based on yesterday’s preliminary count, each community health worker should have a caseload of eight to ten families.

The focus of tomorrow’s training will be the health assessment.  Based on today’s performance, we anticipate that tomorrow will go smoothly.  Tomorrow’s session will also begin at 2:00pm, but we expect that our usual schedule will run from 10-12am and 2-4 in the afternoon.


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