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Today the lay community health workers  finished the classroom work related to conducting the health survey.  But more classroom time is on tap in terms of breath health education.  During the past three days the health workers were exposed to the theory behind community-based work, reviewed and modified the survey instrument, and practiced their interviewing skills.  Some role playing was also involved.  They are enthusiastic and anxious to get into the field.  In general, they have been great learners.

This afternoon the health workers as a group walked through Coast Guard.  During this so-called walk about, using the mapping that is almost finished, they were animated and excited.  Additionally, they began to use their new skills of observation, sometimes called a “Windshield” assessment, in order to identify health hazards and community strengths.

The homes have been selected that they will visit tomorrow.  This contact will be their first with the members of Coast Guard.  Tomorrow, five teams, consisting of two health workers and a project mentor, will begin the surveys.  These mentors will take the lead and gradually ease the workers into this process.

Tomorrow is another big day in the project.  The Lay Community Health Workers will begin establishing a long-term relationship with the members of Coast Guard.  Although excited, apprehension is also expected.  But these workers are smart and well trained, and we are sure that they will perform with few problems.


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