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The Lay Community Health Workers have been in the field for two days visiting households and administering the health assessment.  Yesterday was hot and sunny, while today was rainy and blustery.  The rumor is that a tropical storm was passing over Grenada Friday.

Yesterday the health workers were a little apprehensive, but today they performed like pros.  The mentors introduced the workers to the persons interviewed.  But once the dialogue began, one health worker took the lead in asking questions, while the other recorded the responses.  In this way, both workers were engaged in the process.


Most interesting is how the workers have begun to support one another.  They seem to recognize each other’s strengths during the assessment process and make the necessary adjustments.  Someone who is better at interviewing allows others to record.  But both ask follow-up questions and encourage the household members to discuss issues.

The breast health facet of the training will begin this coming week.  Hopefully the interviewing skills the health workers learned this week will transfer to the next phase.  But following the completion of each assessment, the household members were told that the workers would be returning next week to discuss women’s breast health.  The Lay Community Health Workers have made great strides both in terms of learning to conduct a home health assessment and bonding as a cohesive unit.


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