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Last Few Days in Grenada

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As the project team prepares to leave Grenada, the week of the 28th is devoted to completing some important tasks.  Monday morning, for example, was dedicated to making home visits, particularly focusing on conducting breast exams.  As anyone might imagine, this exercise is quite an experience for the Lay Community Health Workers.  This practice provides a valuable “learning moment” for these workers, especially if an abnormality is found.

The afternoon was spent talking to Sister DeSilva about her role as the project liaison when the team has departed.  She is a very experienced nurse, and thus the project is in very capable hands.

Tuesday morning was spent completing the community mapping and dividing the community into manageable zones.  The Lay Community Health Workers, as mentioned in an earlier blog, will have a caseload of approximately ten families.  The decision was made, after consulting with the health workers and Sister DeSilva, to have the caseloads mimic clusters of houses.  And as the caseloads develop, adjustments and further refinements can be made.

Wednesday, July 30th, the Lay Community Health Workers will be practicing their craft at Mango Fest.  This event is held at the National Stadium, and a room will be provided for conducting breast exams.  The health workers will get the opportunity to administer exams to women, and possibly some men, who are in attendance.  The Lay Community Health Workers will thus have another chance to enhance their skills.

Everything seems to be moving quickly right now.  Final touches are being made.  Our initial work is almost complete, although the project team will continue to provide advice, monitor events, and evaluate outcomes.  But this stage could not have gone any better.


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