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Mango Festival

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On July 30th, Wednesday, the 5th annual Mango Festival was held inside of the National Stadium.  The rain fell all day but the event was not dampened.  Persons came from throughout the island to exhibit their goods.  Most everything on display was made from mangos, including muffins, cakes, ice cream, soap, and bread.  After all, the theme this yeas is:  “Showcasing Value-added Opportunities of Mango through Innovation for a Sustainable Economy and a Healthier Nation.”  The set-up reminded me of a county fair.


The project team was invited to the opening ceremony, which began at roughly 10am and lasted for one hour.  The Governor General of Grenada, Dame Cecile De La Grenada, declared the festival open.  Additionally, speeches were given about the economy of Grenada and the importance of the mango crop to economic and social development.  A highlight were the Tivoli Drummers who were excellent drummers.  The project team was also recognized by the Chair of the ceremony.

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Immediately following this ceremony, the project team began to work.  Without a lot of advertising, more than fifty women showed up at the room where they could receive free breast exams.  In fact, the response was overwhelming.  Examinations were supposed to stop at 2:00 but continued to be given until after 3:00.  At the end, everyone was exhausted.  The Lay Community Health Workers, however, received invaluable experience and increased their confidence immensely.

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Tomorrow will be the last training session with the health workers.  The focus will be on the assignment of caseloads, care of their caseload files, and a focus group designed to elicit their views of the training that they received thus far.  This phase constitutes a vital, but only one facet of the project evaluation process.  Based on this information, changes will be made with regard to any future training.


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