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Final Day of Training

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Today, July 31, was the last day of training.  The morning was spent on a wrap-up session.  The focus was documentation.  The Lay Community Health Workers must document carefully their contacts with families and individuals.  The family files must reflect the discussions and actions that take place.  Often documentation is downplayed by practitioners, due to their focus on providing service.  Also during this morning session, the health workers were given a map of the community that is divided into zones.  These workers will be assigned a zone as the basis of their respective caseloads.

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In the afternoon, after lunch, the emphasis shifted to the focus group.  Crystal Adams took the lead at this juncture.  The propose of this group was to grasp the opinions of the Lay Community Health Workers on a variety of issues.  What we did right and wrong is important feedback in terms of future planning.  The health workers were somewhat talkative and gave us some significant insights.


Saying goodbye was sad for everyone.  Not only did the workers bond together, but we also bonded with them.  But we accomplished our task:  a group of skilled and confident lay community health workers has been created.  These persons will have real and sustained impact on the general and breast health of Coast Guard and Grenada.  We couldn’t have expected more.


Rebecca, one of the new health workers, brought a friend with a guitar to the school.  He accompanied her as she sang a couple of songs.  Good-byes were said and pictures taken.  Valda, another new health worker, made a poignant point when she said that their community is not poor but rich with talent that this sort of training helps to realize.  The final prayer, offered by Sister DeSilva, gave thanks for this training and the trainers, and blessed this and any future projects.



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